PostPartum Anxiety and Depression

Although PostPartum Depression is more commonly known, Postpartum Anxiety, along with Depression happens to many women after giving birth. This is not "the baby blues. It is a serious condition that occurs when women experience comorbid symptoms of anxiety and depression. To experience depression and anxiety symptoms when you have a baby can be very difficult to cope with.  First off, you have had a baby and probably anticipated being filled with joy. Feelings of anxiety and depression at this time can make you feel particularly guilty, and cause you to question whether or not you are a good mother. On top of that, you are generally physically exhausted, sleep deprived and adjusting to the responsibilities of having your first or an additional child. Predictably, all of these factors have a tendency to exacerbate the symptoms, making them more difficult to manage with the potential of negatively impacting both mother and the baby. It is important to address Postpartum Anxiety and Depression as quickly as possible by seeking the help of a professional(s) and establishing a support system.