Anxiety and Depression Together

There is little question that Anxiety and Depression are connected to one another. It is not uncommon for individuals to have symptoms of both Anxiety and Depression at the same time. I believe that in addition to influencing each other, one may actually be the catalyst for the other. In this way, the symptoms of one perpetuate and strengthen the symptoms of the other. For example, the onset of depressive symptoms can be so disconcerting that the fear of the onset itself can lead to high levels of Anxiety. This Anxiety may then cause an individual to worry about their ability to cope which leads to depressive symptoms of hopelessness, etc. This in turn increases anxiety and the cycle continues. If you experience both Anxiety and Depression simultaneously, you may be experiencing Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder. This disorder is characterized by persistent (at least a month) of low mood, negative thoughts, thoughts of impending doom, sleep difficulties, changes in the way you eat, hopelessness, crying, etc.

Individuals with both Anxiety and Depression can feel as though they are in an endless loop of anxiety, hopelessness and negativity. There are so many things happening, that it is easy to lose hope.  But don't! There is hope, and both of these issues are manageable with patience, help and guidance from the right professional(s) and support system.